Geography: Year 4 Trip to Brighton Sea Life Centre


On Friday October 5, Year 4 went on an informative and exciting visit to the Sealife Centre in Brighton, which tied in with their study of the seashore.

Image2The visit included a VIP tour, a turtle conservation talk, a session informing children about coral reefs and the chance to see lots of amazing species of underwater life, many of them endangered.

One of the highlights was feeding Lulu and Gulliver, two green turtles, as well as Jersey, a loggerhead turtle.

John Rodohan helped throw some food in!

A running theme of the trip was conservation, thinking of ways in which we can help species survive the potentially devastating effect our actions can have on their environment.

"I loved learning about the turtles; how old they are, where they are from and hearing all about them," said Bridey Watt from 4F.

Kyle Willis from 4B particularly liked learning about the conservation.

"I am fascinated by which animals are becoming extinct and how we can help them."

It was a very successful trip all round and will greatly enhance the childrens' learning about the sea shore.

Annie Fuller

Year 4 Teacher