History: Year 5 visit Newhaven Fort


Year 5 had the special treat of visiting Newhaven Fort as part of their History topic on Britain since 1930.

The visit was planned as a 'wow factor' to start the children thinking about life as a child during the war, especially as an evacuee.

We listened to a very informative talk about some of the equipment used during the time, including gas masks, air raid sirens, bombs and air raid shelters.

As you might imagine, there were lots of questions asked by some curious pupils.

Our main focus was to look at the Home Front exhibition, in particular the Blitz Experience. We all crowded into an underground shelter where sirens sounded to warn us of an incoming raid; where bombs were dropped around us, shaking the lights and causing them to flicker…

When the all-clear sounded we returned back to the reality of Bede's, phew!

We had time to look around the exhibition and take in lots of information ready for our lessons in class.

We would like to thank Newhaven Fort for welcoming us and we certainly learnt a great deal in our short time there.

Simon Gisby

Year 5 Form Teacher