History: Year 5's Jarrow Crusade


As part of our IS topic on Britain since 1930, Year 5 have studied the Jarrow Crusade. 

Jarrow Crusade 2The march itself took place in 1936 and was led by 200 workers from the Jarrow shipyards,  who had all lost their jobs.

They walked from Jarrow to London carrying an oak box containing 11,000 signatures on a petition to give to the Prime Minister.

Our march was well attended with all but a few of our Year 5 workforce taking part.

We were all in good voice and spirit, with groups of us holding up banners of protest for onlookers to see.

We walked along the Downs to our final destination outside of school where a cup of warm tomato soup waited for us.

The march enabled us to share some of the feelings felt by those back in 1936 and, even though we only walked a short distance, it was enough for us to think about what it would have been like to have walked many miles a day for 25 days, in all kinds of weather.