History: Year 6 visit to Battle Abbey

Battle Abbey 6

Year 6 were blessed with a lovely, sunny day for their trip to Battle Abbey. 

What better way to learn about the Norman Conquest than to visit a place so central to it? 

Battle Abbey 4Most of the visit was spent walking the entire way around the perimeter of this fascinating site, reading the excellent information boards provided by English Heritage, and visualising the various stages of the Battle of Hastings.

Whilst it felt like fun for the children to run up the hill towards the imagined English shield wall, it was later quite sobering for them to test the weight of the shields and chainmail in the museum and realise how onerous the task must have felt for the Norman soldiers. 

The pupils were fascinated by the marking of the spot where King Harold breathed his last breath almost exactly 946 years ago and were interested in the idea that William the Conqueror built Battle Abbey as a sort of peace-offering to the English. 

Pupils also completed some excellent sketch work of aspects of the Abbey, thus developing their powers of observation.

Janet Frame

Teacher of History