Art and Design: Year 7 trip to the Towner Art Gallery


Year 7 pupils from Bede's Preparatory School were inspired recently during a visit to the Eastbourne Towner Art Gallery.  The children visited the 'Bon Hiver' winter Landscape exhibition and the acclaimed Folklore and Photography collection.

IMG_3337The first gallery was transformed into a winter 'Narnia' type woodland and the children walked through the forked pathway into the main exhibition. 

They were greeted with an eclectic mixed media display of mysterious sculptures of frozen seascapes, films of the full moon and exquisitely painted more traditional landscape paintings. 

The exhibition was designed to promote exploration of ideas about landscape but with a modern twist. The trees on display were of local origin and brought the bleak winter into the gallery.

The children discussed and drew the various works as an introduction to their own new exciting project looking at the local heritage coast.

Carol Parris

Head of Art