English: Year 8 Trip to The Globe Theatre


On Thursday, 17 January members of Year 8 went on their much-anticipated trip to London to visit Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and see a spine-chilling performance of 'The Woman in Black' at the Fortune Theatre in Covent Garden.

This trip has become one of the highlights of the English & Drama Department's calendar and, as always, it was with much excitement that we arrived in the capital.

IMAG0260Despite the bitterly cold weather, all found the tour of the Globe Theatre to be most interesting and the guides were very informative and entertaining.

We were also lucky enough to participate in a presentation on how young male actors were transformed into some of Shakespeare's leading ladies - like Portia, Juliet and Lady Macbeth - with the use of clever costuming. Many thanks to Thomas Welch from 8B for modelling the clothes so well.

After a quick lunch and a whistle-stop tour of some of London's more famous landmarks, we arrived at the wonderfully atmospheric Fortune Theatre to see Susan Hill's famous ghost story 'The Woman in Black'.

Much of the play was spent with the audience shrieking, grabbing the sleeve of the person sat next to them, or peeking at the drama from under jumpers, but all agreed that it was a magnificent production.

The buzz and chatter on the long journey home confirmed how enthralled all had been by the performance.

Gail Brundle

Head of English & Drama