Ski Trip 2012 Takes Pupils To La Plagne

2012-12-21 12.22.17

2012 saw the return of the annual skip trip after a 2 year gap. 

After months of planning, Mr and Mrs Sutherland and Mr Meier took an excited party of 20 to the Pistes of La Plange in the French Alps. 

2012-12-19 08.26.51After a short flight from Gatwick to Geneva, we were soon meandering our way through the infamous mountains.  Once in resort, pupils, staff and parents alike were soon allocated to their rooms, before being kitted out with their skiing equipment. Although 'blades' (the preferred choice of the professionals!) were not on offer this year.

The week promised perfect skiing, as the first three days saw continuous snow falls and some of the best conditions witnessed so early on in the season.  The powdery snow also provided plenty of ammunition for the daily snowball fights. 

2012-12-19 08.27.15The deep snow came to good use for the snowman competition, this saw some of our children's artistic expressions arising to the surface. After many days basking in the perfect snow, the children soon started to progress faster than we had ever witnessed in the past.  They all appeared to be having so much fun on the slopes. 

With the continuous snow fall and the slightly overcast conditions it was sometimes hard to see the pistes due to the flat light and the shin deep snow made it hard to ski and a good technique was vital.

DSCI0091On our fourth day the clouds vanished and the blue skies shone bright, with flat soft pistes and perfect skiing conditions it was apparent, how much the children's skiing had come on.  The instructors had not seen such progression for a long time and rewarded the children with races and competitions on the slalom course. 

The week ended and the children were all awarded their certificates.  This had been the best ski trip ever and all the children were great.  I would like to thank Mrs Sutherland and Mr Meier for their support in making the trip run so smoothly.

Peter Sutherland

Transport Manager