English: Year 8 Explore 'The History of Magic'


The Year 8 Lecture Programme continued this term with a clever and interesting talk by the accomplished magician, Ian Keable, on the History of Magic.

IMG_9702This was Mr Keable's second visit to the school and, as before, his audience were captivated by his skills with slight-of-hand and illusion.

He spoke of the history of magic through the ages, and covered many interesting topics - from the use of magic in the court of James I to dispel myths about witchcraft, to the challenging lives of ground-breaking magicians like Harry Houdini, and to exploring the position of magic in modern television culture.

These topics were supported and interspersed with many skilful and dexterous tricks, which left the audience puzzling.

I am sure that all of Year 8 will agree that it was a truly magical evening.

Gail Brundle

Head of English