History: Year 3 Anglo-Saxon Banquet


Just before half term, Year 3 completed their Anglo-Saxon studies with a fine feast.

IMG_7699Clad in beautifully designed costumes with attention to every detail, the pupils entered the dimly lit banquet hall and sat at long tables bedecked with the most wonderful spread of typical Anglo-Saxon food so cleverly researched and provided by our school chef.

The menu started with pease pottage and village bread followed by a main course of roast ox, chicken drumsticks, hard-boiled eggs and root vegetables, and finished with orchard fruits and cheese.

All this was eaten from wooden bowls and platters with wooden implements and accompanied by several tots of mead (honey and apple juice - no alcohol!)

Riddles, a favourite form of mealtime entertainment for Anglo-Saxons, were asked at intervals throughout the feast and duly appreciated by a crescendo of table clattering with wooden spoons!

Such ambitious tastes and appreciative appetites have never before been witnessed at Year 3 lunchtime. A thoroughly good time was had by all!

Natalie Calvin

Year 3 Teacher