History: Year 7 Victorian Workshops


The Rainbow Theatre Company visited Year 7 pupils from Bede's Preparatory School to give them a workshop on the lives of Victorian Children.   The pupils had been studying the Industrial Revolution. 

The workshop was a most enjoyable and thought-provoking experience for pupils and teachers alike as they discovered some of the horrors and hardships which faced children in the Victorian era.

The children really entered into the spirit of the workshops and seemed genuinely shocked at the working conditions for children in textile mills, down coal mines, up chimneys and even in the sewers. New words like "toshers, mud larks and pure-finders" were learnt as some of the more unsavoury roles were played out.

After hearing more about injuries in mines and under weaving looms and learning about dreadful schooling practices, the children began to realise how lucky they are not to have been a child in those desperate times.

Sam Brown

Head of History