Charity Fundraising: Olympic Medalist Leads 'Sports 4 All'


Bede's Prep School was lucky enough to be visited by a medallist from last summer's Olympic Games in London. Karina Bryant, our GB heavyweight Judo champion, was representing 'Sport4All', a company involved in raising funds for school sports equipment and funds to support potential Olympic athletes who struggle to fund their training.

Press UpsPupils at the school were asked to perform 4 simple fitness exercises and encouraged to do as many as possible for a minute at a time. With some upbeat music in the background and Karina shouting encouragement, there was a great atmosphere in the sports hall as pupils pushed their bodies to the limit.

After the exercises Karina was introduced in assembly to give a talk to the pupils, show off her hard earned medal and answer any questions they might have. Some of the pupils, and even a couple of the staff, then tested there potential judo skills against each other on a mat!

WrestlingHer talk was an inspiration. She has gained more than 20 medals at World and European Championships (she was European Champion on 7 occasions) but for 3 Olympics in a row crashed out in the early stages, even though she was often the favourite. 4 years of training each time with nothing to show.

If there was ever a shining example of not giving up then here it was standing in front of us. Because the Olympics was being held in her home country Karina wanted to give the Olympics one more try and despite being older than many of the other competitors and no longer being one of the favourites, she at last came away with a medal.

As the Bede's pupils left the assembly, tired but inspired, some were lucky enough to hold the medal in their hands, not something many people can say they have done!