History and Geography: Years 5 And 6 Go Globe-Trotting!


Bede's Prep School children have been culturally 'globe-trotting' through the corridors of Brighton Museum & Gallery and the Brighton Pavilion in the last few weeks.

Firstly, the Year 6 toured the interior splendours of the Indo-Chinese Brighton Pavilion with its Regency seaside history and lavish colourful d├ęcor.

The decorative furnishings revealed the sumptuous and extravagant lifestyle of late 18th Century Brighton and the grandeur of its music room and dining area.

They also visited the Victorian Booth Natural History Museum to study the wonders of exotic butterflies, taxidermy, a myriad of rare skeletons and collected species   from around the world.


Year 5 were enthralled by the Egyptian galleries with their original artefacts and tomb stories.

The group took part in a re-enactment of the ritual of mummifying human bodies and preparation for the afterlife.

They discovered the hidden secrets of priests and temples, scarab beetles and amulets and finished with the theatrical portrayal of the weighing of the human heart against the feather of Anubis.

The children were enthusiastic and fascinated with the sequence of preparation and celebration of the kings and queens of ancient Egypt.