PSHCE: Year 4 visited by Councillor Gill Mattock

Gill -Mattock2

Year 4 Bede 's Preparatory School pupils participated in a very, very local election (Bede's Meads Ward). This was part of the brilliant workshop delivered by Cllr Gill Mattock, Deputy Leader for Eastbourne Borough Council.

During the election three candidates (pupils) gave their election speeches and proposals for what they would do if they were elected. The constituents cast their votes. While the votes were counted, Cllr Mattock explained more about the role of a local councillor. The returning officer announced the results, the candidates on tenterhooks, it was a clear majority for The Cream Party!

The children then went on to working in groups and discussing what improvements they would make to Eastbourne, these they presented to Cllr Mattock who was very impressed and commented that she might use some of their ideas in the future.

The workshop ended with a very probing question and answer session. The children enjoyed the whole experience, learning more about the role of a local councillor and the election process.

Annie Fuller

Year 4 Form Tutor