Drama: Year 6 Performs 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe'


The Lion roared, the witch fled and the wardrobe opened onto a world of falling snow and mysterious pine forests, thanks to the fine acting of Year 6 and the many special effects.

The performances, by three different casts, really did suspend disbelief and created the magical word of Narnia before our very eyes. Every pupil in Year 6 was able to have a speaking part of their choice and so be fully involved.

The children loved preparing for this play, with its wonderful combination of the realities of war-time Britain and the timeless fantasy of Narnia, which is so appealing to a child's imagination. In the process, they also learned much about stage-craft and the illusion of the theatre, and were privileged to have the input of professional dancers, musicians, lighting, sound and special effects experts, and even fight-masters, to add to their experience. Improvisation, singing and dancing, costumes, make-up and props were all part of it too. I compliment the children and the adult team for their untiring enthusiasm and energy, which helped to create this vibrant show. 

Jeanette Adams, Director

Sewing Machine