Drama: Year 5 'The Wind in the Willows' Production Review

IMG_8568 Group

Songs with titles such as Bright Canary Yellow Gypsy Caravan and Messing about in Boats helped to make the Year 5 adaptation of Graeme Grahame's well-loved story of Wind in the Willows a vibrant and colourful retelling.

All the children in the year group took part and there was some confident solo singing as well as excellent acting. Many of the ideas for the drama and the props used were from the children and they were all encouraged to put together their costumes themselves.

A big thank you to the parents who helped the children with this as well as assisting them to learn their lines as well as the team of staff who supported the children so well.

Diane Lindop


IMG_8406 River

IMG_8472 Badgers House

IMG_8509 Prison

IMG_8545 Car

IMG_8531 Weasles