Geography: Year 8 visit Seven Sisters Sheep Centre


Year 8 pupils from Bede's Prep School recently visited the Seven Sisters Sheep Centre in East Dean as part of their studies of Economic Activities in Geography.

This was to provide them with a local case study of a primary activity, which will be contrasted with secondary industries in the UK and in South East Asia in later lessons. 

The trip was a very interesting experience for all concerned, not least due to the achingly cute new born lambs which we saw and the slightly older ones which we were allowed to bottle-feed.

The students learnt about the history of the sheep farming in the area and how this centre developed, which is home to the largest private collection of sheep breeds in the world! Some breeds are even rarer than the Giant Panda. The children were told about how this type of farming operates as a system of inputs, processes and outputs and given plenty of ideas as to the location requirements of such a business.

It was pleasing to see how much the pupils enjoyed the visit and another example of what excellent educational opportunities we have on our doorstep.


Lamb On Lap