MFL: Year 7’s French Trip to Château de la Baudonnière


We woke up nice and early on Sunday morning. It was rather cold at 4.30am! We met up at school, and the air was brimming with excitement.

Slowly we loaded our heavy bags onto the buses and set off! When we arrived at the Château we were all very tired but by the evening we were all running around doing a sports tournament.

Tatyana Goodwin

We did lots of activities, such as: canoeing, assault course, breadmaking, aeroball, fencing, archery and lots more! There was also a talent show and a costume night! I feel like my French has improved a lot.

Hannah Pearce

I loved the fact that all the activities were explained in French as it helped my confidence in another language!

Imogen Lock

I really enjoyed my week in France and think my French really improved as well. The people that worked there were fun and enthusiastic.

Floyd Doubtfire

The French trip was amazing: a week of pure activities and no electronics. We played football every day, had at least three activities each and had twenty minutes each day to write in our journals. It was great!

Charles Manning

After breakfast we did circus skills and then another fun activity. I played ping-pong with Mr Pianet and a friend in our free time. C'était genial! After Mr Pianet had proved how amazing he is at ping-pong, we had lunch.

Alastair Orr

We had a croissant for breakfast - c'était délicieux! We went back to our dorms and got ready for canoeing. I had a really good time. Lauren and I capsized quite a lot during this activity but the highlight of the activity was when Lauren capsized Mr Pianet!

Hope Ball

The food at the Château was amazing: I love French food and it gave us an insight into French culture.

Max Campbell

This trip was very educational: I now feel a lot more confident speaking in French and holding a basic conversation. C'était une experience inoubliable!

Lauren Bennett

Before the French trip, I was told by people that it is one of those trips that are absolutely packed with fun activities and places you go, and it was. That's what made it such a fun trip, as well as that my French improved a lot. I learnt new words and how to say them in the correct way. Overall, the French trip was an amazing experience for fun and for the French.

Dan Peppé