Drama: Bede's pupils appear on BBC's 'The One Show'


Pupils from Bede's Prep appeared on BBC One's 'The One Show' on Friday 21 June in an Enid Blyton-themed feature. 

Filming for the segment took place at Hawthbush Farm in Gun Hill, during which Bede's pupils Alfredo Vasquez, Olivia Williams, Henry Watt and Imogen Carr with her dog Tinkerbell , donned costumes, read extracts from Blyton's works and drank lashings of ginger beer in character as the Famous Five, Julian, Dick, Anne, Georgina and their dog Timmy.

BBC producer Halina Kierkuc said of the experience filming with the pupils, "There's a saying in television, 'never work with children or animals,' but I could not have wished for a better cast. The Bede's pupils were so talented and enthusiastic and even Tinkerbell was perfect for the part."

The piece was inspired by the contrast between the lives of austerity led by the children during the Second World War, including rationing and the diet of the time, and the lives of children today.

Bede's pupil Olivia said of the filming, "It was really good fun! We read from the books, did lots of running through fields, ate a picnic, and when I was sitting down in the field 'Timmy' gave me a big lick on the face!"

The Drama Department at Bede's Prep School provided the costumes for the filming, which Ms Keircuk described as "wonderful."  

"The children were amazing," she continued. "They clearly understood exactly what we wanted straight away and did the job with great skill and enthusiasm. They are a credit to the school. All round, it really was a lovely day and I wish all shoots were like that."