Drama: Year 8 Leavers Perform 'Little Shop of Horrors'


Following the Bede's tradition, the leavers in Year 8 presented their play, 'The Little Shop of Horrors' - a comedy, rock horror musical based in 1950s New York - in four performances during the final week of term.

042Watching the children dance, sing and perform together has to be one of the highlights of the year and the audience obviously appreciated every moment.

It would be impossible to focus on any one individual or group, as the real joy of this production was seeing how they presented themselves as a team.

Likewise, the fact that so many children were keen to have a part was borne out by the fact that there were three different casts; all of which Mrs Brundle and Mrs Mizon coaxed, coached and occasionally coerced during the rehearsals which lasted little more than three weeks, while Mr Meier's lighting and 'electrifying' effects ensured that the unlikely villain of the story met his just reward.

After an incredibly hectic half-term, which began with Common Entrance, 'The Little Shop of Horrors' shows just how our children have grown into confident, fun-loving, gregarious young people who will, I'm sure, treasure this experience.

Lauren Robinson