History: Year 4 Egypt Workshops at Brighton Museum


To support Year 4's learning about Ancient Egypt, the children and their teachers travelled to Brighton Museum for a workshop on mummification and a visit to the Ancient Egypt galleries.

As we entered the room, the two bodies were laid out on the two tables! Apparently when the museum first started running the workshop they would cover the bodies with a cloth, but this proved too frightening and some children had fainted in the past. I hasten to add that the bodies were made from cotton fabric and stuffed with wadding!

After a snapshot of Ancient Egyptian history, the children took turns with each part of the process of mummifying a body. They washed the body, removed the internal organs and placed them in canopic jars. There was particular enjoyment in removing the brains through the nose. The children then had 2 minutes to wrap the body with linen bandages, as opposed to the 15 days it would have taken. In amongst the bandages they placed amulets and jewellery and put a mask over the mummy's face. The bodies were finally ready!

It was fascinating to then go into the museum galleries and see the real thing, the mummified cats, amulets and coffins.

Year 4 had tremendous fun and much was learnt about the mummifying process.

Annie Fuller