Leavers' Programme: Year 8 Fly Virgin Atlantic for Careers Day


75 red-badged children from Year 8 enjoyed a thrilling day at Virgin Atlantic's training base on a work experience visit last week as part of the Leavers' Career Programme.

Virgin recently launched their first ever domestic service called Little Red and this formed the focus for an unusual marketing project. The Year 8 children went there as a part of their Leavers' career programme and were told of this Virgin initiative, which sprinkles some of the unique Virgin Atlantic magic touches onto the domestic market.


They sampled some Tyrrells 'Plane Crisps' and were also briefed on the airline's marketing and branding strategies including  'Everyday Pioneers'.

The children were then invited to put this into practice by designing a new sick bag to create maximum entertainment value with novel features which would cause customers to smile and, in true Bede's fashion, they came up with some brilliant and irreverent ideas.

IMG_3922The day got even more exciting when they were taken to experience all the Virgin Atlantic classes from Economy to Upper Class and then practice various safety procedures, such as the emergency evacuation of a smoke filled cabin.

The highlight was a full scale simulated evacuation on water, having to don life jackets, escape onto a full-sized aircraft raft and then be tested on the time it took to erect its protective cover.

They didn't hang around!


The weather was kind and they drove back, buzzing, to Eastbourne and a Little Red sunset.

Peter Meier

Head of Year 8