Pre-Prep Sports Day 2013


Wednesday 26 June saw the lawn at Bede's Prep School become an epicentre of fun, sun and sprinting as children, staff and parents from Bede's Pre-Prep and Nursery joined together for the annual Bede's Pre-Prep Sports Day.

The Nursery Sports Day having been and gone, and with a picnic gobbled down in the sunshine, the clouds decided to make an appearance on the lawn at Bede's Prep School - but there was no dampening the crowds spirits, as it was time for the Bede's Pre-Prep Sports Day to begin!


As the clock struck one, parents lined the running track, watching with smiles on their faces as the Pre-Prep children made their way down the ramp from Holywell Mount and onto the field - some in costume as cheerleaders. The children then performed a dance routine and parade, choreographed by Prep School Head of Dance Louise Mizon, to Queen's timeless anthem, 'It's A Kind Of Magic.'




The performance ended with rapturous applause from Mums, Dads, Grandparents, siblings and friends, and Sports Day-proper was set to begin - launched by the announcement that it was, in fact, Mrs Shoesmith's birthday!


After blowing out her candles, Mrs Shoesmith thanked everyone for attending what she called her "Birthday Party."

The first event saw the Reception children taking part in 50 metre sprints, which were quickly followed by Year 1 and Year 2 races.




The young athletes managed to pick up some serious speed as they whizzed down the track - no doubt urged on by the clicking of cameras coming from the spectators.




Once again, Mr Entwisle, the new Prep Headmaster from September, was on hand to give out prizes - and he even received the odd one too, in the form of the occasional hug!



A fantastic team spirit was evident throughout the races, with plenty of high-fives being delivered by classmates, irrespective of what position the various athletes achieved.



After the sprints a series of Novelty Races then began, the first of which involved the Reception children and was called The Wimbledon Challenge.

During The Wimbledon Challenge, teams of children took it in turns to negotiate a running-track littered with obstacles, from tunnels to climb through, hoops to navigate and ladders to run over, all while balancing tennis balls on racquets.





Next came the Year 1 novelty race, Test Match Obstacles. This gauntlet involved some cricketing skills alongside running, balancing and teamwork, with gaggles of children struggling to supress their desire to join in out of sequence.



The last novelty race was Hurdle Masters, the Year 2 competition, which saw children leaping over a series of foam hurdles and through hoops before knocking golf-balls through plastic tunnels, then picking up flags further down the track. The older children were not in the mood for messing around, especially with such a serious challenge to be undertaken!




After the Novelty Races there were a series of Sprint Relays to round off the competition for the children, but that was by no means the end of proceedings. In fact, it became clear quite quickly that for some parents the highlight of the afternoon was yet to come, in the form of the Parents' Races.

The Mums were the first to take to the track, leaping over foam hurdles and collecting flags at the end of their lanes.



Next up it was the Dads' turn, with Mr Bevington deciding that it was high-time he took part in the competition too.



With all the races won, lost and drawn, it came time for Prizegiving, during which every Pre-Prep classmate received a certificate and prize, not only for their performance at Sports Day but for all of their accomplishments over the course of the year.



The final piece of icing on the cake was a special certificate and "Goodbye Book", made by the Pre-Prep and Nursery children to wish Mr Bevington luck in his new job.


The gifts were gratefully received by the outgoing Headmaster, who declared on receipt of his gift, "After years of giving out certificates and prizes, I did wonder if I was ever going to receive one myself. Thank you all very much indeed."

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