Meads End: Boarders Camp at Robertsbridge


On 21 and 22 September, Bede's Prep School's boarders decamped to Robertsbridge for a weekend of outdoor fun encompassing putting up tents, cooking marshmallows over an open fire and, most importantly, cake!

1On arrival, our first task was to put up the tents; this was easier for some than others as a few children had never been camping before!

The most important tent was the kitchen tent, with a school minibus doubling as a mobile food storage facility.

Over the course of the weekend, the bus was slowly emptied of food, with the children and staff enjoying all the delicious cakes and snacks the kitchen had provided.


Supper was yummy jacket potatoes cooked on an open fire, with a dessert of fire-roasted marshmallows, washed down with lashings of hot chocolate!

9All of the children enjoyed the campsite's outdoor play facilities and the freedom of acres of grass to play on.

After a restful night under canvas, and an al fresco breakfast, we loaded the bus and headed back to Meads End.

The boarders were weary but happy after their mini wilderness adventure, and we are now all looking forward to our next expedition!

Helen Deane

Houseparent, Meads End