MFL: Mr Entwisle's Animated Students

Giles Entwisle

Sam's 'Morpho' and 'iMovie' animation from Bede's on Vimeo.

During the past week, members of Mr Entwisle's Year 8 French class have been getting to grips with the topic of the Daily Routine.

They have discovered that some of the apps available using tablet technology lend themselves beautifully to providing creative solutions to presenting the language they have been studying.

Using an app called 'Showbie,' Mr Entwisle has been able to extend the children's learning beyond the classroom.

Mr Entwisle said of the animation (embedded below and available here), "By scripting, drafting and refining his text, Sam produced a fabulous piece of animated film, using two other apps, 'Morpho' and 'iMovie'. The end result is nearly finished, but he continues to refine the finished product."

Next, Sam will be looking at correcting a couple of slips in pronunciation and adding some back-ground music.

"The project is proving to be highly motivational," concluded Mr Entwisle, "and the learning far more firmly embedded."

Well done Sam!