Year 2: Pre-Prep Pupils Go Treasure Hunting


On Wednesday 18 September, Bede's Pre-Prep classes visited the beach as part of our Treasure Island topic. The children explored the beach for treasure and miraculously found messages in bottles, pirate flags and much more...

The excitement of finding washed up bottles with messages tucked inside was extraordinary, and the map they found and various messages linked the children's learning through a variety of aspects within their imminent lessons.

1The next few weeks will see the children investigating what Eastbourne was like 100 years ago and how it has changed, why bottles float and a variety of other topics. This trip has therefore enabled the children's learning to come to life across this term's curriculum. 

Pre-Prep teacher Diana Writer said of the expedition, "The excitement of finding all these treasures was immense! The children's imaginations were bubbling over as they entered Holywell and told Mrs Shoesmith all about it!"