Art and Design: Year 7 Twins Discuss Crafting Blog


Eleven year-old twin sisters and Bede's Prep pupils Maisie and Olivia Williams discuss the knitting and sewing blog they started 18 months ago to share their love of crafting and to help others learn the skills they are so passionate about.

3Making time at break to come and be interviewed, Maisie and Olivia carry in huge bags full of things they have made and start putting them out across the tables in the Art Room.

"Our great grandma sewed clothes during the war," says Maisie, emptying a bag full of small pillows, "and I think that's where the passion comes from. Through her and our Mum. But our Dad is really encouraging too."

As she describes her work for the blog, Twins and Needles, Olivia shows me some of their pieces.

"We are currently working on bunting and Christmas tree decorations to sell at the Bede's Prep School Christmas Fair, but these baubles can be quite tricky. They are knitted on four needles!"


While Olivia is passionate about knitting, Maisie is all about the sewing.

"It's easier for Olivia in some ways," says Maisie, "because she can sit watching movies and TV shows and just knit. For me, it can be a bit more tricky. Sometimes, like for this cushion, I can hand-stitch, but most of the time I need to get out the sewing machine."

As the twins speak, their passion for their hobbies bubble over.

"The blog was originally just to share what we had been making," says Olivia, "because we want other people to love crafting as much as we do!"

Now, through Twins and Needles, visitors to the site can catch up with the twins' news and also watch tutorial videos, learning how to knit and sew from the young experts.

"The blog is lots of fun, and that fun is infectious," adds Maisie. "Our little sister, Amelia, who is seven and at the Pre-Prep, just started a cupcake blog. Our bunting is being used by the Mothers of Meads, and our little cousin was just born so we're working on making baby clothes now too!"


When asked if Art is their favourite subject however, the answer is surprising.

"I think it's fair to say that we love Art," says Olivia, looking to Maisie, who nods, "but our favourite lessons are Music, Drama and English. We are a little young to be taking our lessons too seriously, but it's not like we want to craft for a living."

Between everything else though, I ask, is there still time for running around and pulling each other's pigtails?

"Oh definitely," says Olivia. "We're best friends, and our other best friends are also best friends, but we make sure to annoy each other and muck around loads too!"