Geography: Year 4 visit to Brighton Sea Life Centre


On Friday 4 October Year 4 visited Brighton Sea Life Centre for a tour of the facility, during which they saw lionfish, green eels, octopodae and lots, lots more!

The first stop on the tour was a huge green eel called Big Daddy, whose green colour came about due to the covering of mucous on his body. He shared a tank with venomous lionfish and moray eels.


'When the lionfish need cleaning out the cleaners have to wear metal trousers to protect them!' - Freddie 4B


Next they were taken to the octopus tanks. These amazing creatures have four hearts, eight tentacles and a very strong beak! Just a few steps away was a tank containing giant spider crabs. The guide showed the children how spider crabs move differently from other types of crabs and  had everyone doing the crab dance!


The tour ended in the auditorium just in time for a turtle talk. There are three turtles in the auditorium pool, two loggerhead turtles and one jersey turtle.


For many of the children this was their favourite part of the day. Some lucky ones, who had listened to the talk carefully and answered questions correctly, were able to feed the green turtles their greens!

6Viewing the turtles from below, in the glass tunnel, was just amazing. Also to have sharks and rays sail just centimetres above their heads was wonderful.

Back in the main hall, where most of the tanks are, there is a touching pool and here the children were able to gently touch starfish and anemones.

'The starfish felt prickly and the anemone felt sticky- Katie 4F

Many of the children were entertained by the dancing and waving rays in the ray pool, but on a serious note the children learnt what they could do to assist with conservation of sea creatures.


All in all it was a fun and fact packed day, clearly shown in the reports that the children wrote in their following integrated studies lesson.

Annie Fuller

Year 4 Teacher