Maths: Information Evening for Year 7 Parents


How many adults will say that they are either not good at mathematics or dislike the subject?  Furthermore, how many adults feel that the learning of algebra was the catalyst for their current attitudes towards mathematics?

Algebra takes mathematics from the 'concrete' to the 'abstract,' from seeing the groups of numbers in front of you when multiplying to a world of letters and numbers combined, with seemingly impossible manipulations either side of the equals sign.

"The Magic of Algebra" was one of three workshops led by staff from the Mathematics Department at Bede's Prep on Tuesday 1 October.  The aims of the evening were to share the Year 7 curriculum with parents and provide opportunities for them to enjoy mathematics. 


During The Magic of Algebra, parents calculated the values of the Wangdoodles, cheery creatures on the Interactive Whiteboards, each of whom had a value. Information about their values was limited, for example the red one and the green one added up to nineteen. Parents saw how you could use a trial and improvement method or begin to manipulate the expressions with algebra.

In another workshop parents used the website Manga High, which challenges children to complete tasks and in return they can be rewarded with virtual medals. The online program has proved extremely popular and effective in raising attainment.

Finally, parents had the opportunity to see how the Interactive Whiteboards work and how they can be used to teach mathematics.  They even had a go at using the boards themselves!


We hope that the evening was an enjoyable, mathematical, challenging experience, and that it offered plenty of information about the curriculum ahead.

We very much encourage parents to contact us if they have any queries about any of the learning undertaken in mathematics - to contact me, please click here.

Robert Upton

Head of Mathematics and Director of Studies