Maths: Year 5 Maths Challenge Afternoon


On Thursday 3 October 2013, four Bede's Prep School pupils took part in the Year 5 Maths Challenge, facing brain-teasing challenges which extended and built on their classroom work in a number of new and exciting ways. 

"My book has 196 pages. I am on page 39.  How many pages do I have to read until I am half way through the book?"  This was one type of question posed to the nine year old children at the Year 5 Mathematics Challenge Afternoon.


In another round the pairs of children were asked to use a train timetable and identify a route to ensure arrival at a certain time. They were asked to use Pentominoes, shapes made up of five squares, to form larger shapes.They were also asked to arrange a set of numbers using particular criteria.

The Broken Calculator Round required the children to identify how to use only a few keys on a calculator to find an end total. In another round the children used prices of food to calculate a bill at the supermarket.


At Bede's Prep we endeavour to give the children a context for their mathematics learning as often as possible, which is why they do so well when they tackle problem solving activities such as those experienced on this afternoon.

All four children commented on how much they enjoyed the afternoon.  This was another example of mathematics being a winner.


Robert Upton

Head of Maths and Director of Studies