MFL: Senior School Stages 'World Expo Day' for Year 7


On Monday 14th October the MFL department of Bede's Senior School were delighted to welcome 61 Year 7 pupils from Bede's Preparatory School for World Expo Day, during which the children were engaged in a diverse range of activities.


Pupils were offered a set of 4 sessions where they were given the opportunity to explore languages such as Russian, Mandarin, German and French in a dynamic, interactive and enriching atmosphere. Teachers were helped by pupils who study languages at the Senior School.

Here is a flavour describing what pupils learned in each activity:


Lower Fifth Mandarin learners, Jay Adebisi, Max Hunter, Ashley Meffen and Hal Taylor led the Chinese event. They taught basic greetings and colours, and also shared their experience of learning Chinese, explaining that Chinese characters aren't as hard as other people think and why they find learning Chinese fun.

Year 7 students learned a variety of vocabulary for the first 15 minutes and took part in some exciting games such as musical chairs in the Chinese version ( and without music!).



Pupils started learning some basic vocabulary in Russian such as 'Hello', 'How are you', 'Fine, thanks', 'Goodbye' and 'Bye', which were presented by Sam Hannah in the U5th. Pupils learned these through repetition of these words and then were making some dialogues in pairs.

The second activity was related to the Cyrillic alphabet. Students had an envelope each of cut-out alphabet letters containing both Cyrillic and Latin letters. Students were asked to find Cyrillic letters required to spell their name.

Once they had managed to find the letters to spell their names, they were then asked to write it on a piece of paper. 

In the last activity, pupils learned how to draw a nesting doll using a model sheet.



In German, students took inspiration from the German national football team, die Nationalelf, not only the mens's but also the women's team, who became world champions this year.

The practical activity at the end of the 30 minute session therefore was to score against Paula Schaper, a German sixth form student at the school, who plays womens' football at a high level.


German native speakers Kelly Tschudi (Lower Fifth) and Elaine Holl (Upper Sixth) assisted Mr Rohmer in teaching the Year 7s the target language they needed to be a successful footballer in Germany, namely German phrases of direction (top left, bottom right etc), key verbs such as spielen (to play, pass), kicken and sein (to be).

They also matched up Team Germany player cards with positive character traits, learning difficult words such as zielbewusst (focused, goal orientated), schlau (clever) and fleissig (hard working).

It was great to see all the Prep School students follow the coaching instructions given by Kelly and Elaine in German to put the ball past Paula bottom left or top right and all of this schnell schnell schnell!



In French, the activity focused on the Tour de France. This session was led by pupils such as Hal Potter, Lorenzo Crespo Caccavallo, Will Rimlinger and Charlotte Farrar who are all studying French at A Level. Chloe Durrant in Upper Fifth also helped.

Firstly, pupils were introduced to some basic facts about the competition followed by an introduction to vocabulary related to the bicycle such selle, guidon, freins, pédales, etc.

In the second part, pupils were taught some instructions related to cycling through a word search.

To finish, all pupils were invited on some spin bikes to perform the instructions called out such as Accélérez! Ralentissez! A droite! A gauche!