Pre-Prep 'Marvellous Middle' Trip to Blue Reef Aquarium and Shipwreck Museum


The Pre-Prep had a fantastic day in Hastings on Monday when they visited the Blue Reef Aquarium and Shipwreck Museum for their surprise 'Marvellous Middle' trip.

Marking the mid-point of this term's 'Treasure Island' topic, during the trip the pupils learned what early voyages of exploration were like in the Shipwreck Museum and saw the remains of an old barge.


Next, the children were asked to make some tricky decisions relating to long voyages, such (after losing a man overboard) whether to go back and look for him or continue on if the wind is favourable! 

5In the Blue Reef Aquarium, the children had a rock pool discovery session and saw a very large lobster at very close range! They enjoyed learning that lobsters can re-grow almost all parts of thier bodies and so can technically live forever!

They were able to hold some little starfish, with which they were thoroughly charmed - although the creatures did not seem quite so charming once we learned that they bring up their whole stomach to taste food and can then bite their stomach off if the food tastes poisonous! 


The pupils spent a good deal of time looking around all the exhibits in the aquarium and it was so pleasing to see the older pupils looking after their young charges, helping them to read information and sharing the joy of spotting the creatures hiding in the tank.


My personal favourite was the upside down jellyfish! 


Running around looking for treasure on the beach caused great excitement, as the close proximity of the fishing boats meant plenty of fish skeletons could be found.


We then encouraged the children to take photographs rather than put the treasures in their pockets, so we do hope there weren't any nasty surprises for parents when they emptied pockets at home!


After such an exciting day, there were many satisfied sleeping children on the buses by the time we got back to school - a sure sign of a good day out!

Nova Shoesmith

Head of Pre-Prep and Nursery