Reception: Looking Back at a Busy Half of Term


What a start to full-time schooling our Reception classes have had!

They arrived on the first day, quiet, thoughtful and taking everything possible in from their new class environments. Some had only been part of the Nursery for 2 sessions a week and now it was all day, every day!


Here are some of the children's thoughts from those early days …

Arthur - I wanted to put my coat on my new coat peg,

Ted - I couldn't wait to go into the 'secret writing den' for messages

Zion - I wanted to write lots of words

Zachary - I wanted to take my plate around on my own at lunchtime

Freddie - I wanted to wear 'proper' clothes for school

William - I was looking forward to building using the special big shaped bricks

Christopher - I was looking forward to swimming because I hadn't swum before - even in Nursery


Since those first few days, the children have made progress beyond belief.  Some can now do all their shirt buttons up without any help, some can write their names, some can count up to 100!


All have enjoyed learning French rhymes and songs, swimming, and PE and Games, following instructions carefully to complete different circuits set up by our Specialist Staff.


And each child is now reading !

All have met and enjoyed all of our Learning Friends and can tell any visitor what Bertie, Sid, Tommy, Clara, and Ursula support them with in their activities.


Elsewhere, the children have discovered treasure on the beach, written secret codes on their Pirate ships, visited the local Library, Hastings and other locations to support their learning.

What on earth will next half term bring...

Jonty - I am looking forward to playing more sports

Fahad - I want to make a book and write more stories

Oliver _ I am looking forward to learning more letters

Teddy - I want to get better at colouring carefully

Garth - I want to read lots and lots of books


Rachel Potter

Reception Class Teacher