Year 2: Literacy Fun with 'Treasure Island'

Pre-Prep English

These Year 2 pupils are playing bingo with 'ing' words - or should we call it 'ing-o' - and then went on to use what they had learned in their writing about pirates.

This term Year 2 have really been able to improve their writing skills through our topic 'Treasure Island'. 

The children have been able to write descriptions of themselves as pirates, pen messages in bottles to ask to be rescued, write diaries about being lost on deserted islands and have role-played finding treasure by following a map. 

By making the tasks meaningful and interesting to the children they have been able to improve their sentence structure, tenses and punctuation.

Their artwork has involved all things treasure as well with some portraits and Treasure Island paintings to give with the lovely written work, and incorporated in this topic the children have also studied the text 'The Sandcastle' which has enabled them to write instructions, make predictions about the story and make opinions.

This section of work ended with a trip to the beach to build the sandcastles that the children had written instructions for. It has been fun for all!

Sophie Riley

Year 2 Teacher