Year 2: Maths Games Serve Up Success

Pre-Prep Maths

During Year 2 Maths lessons at Bede's Pre-Prep and Nursery this term, teachers have been finding new and exciting ways to encourage lateral thinking and number crunching, including using plates...

"Maths in Year 2 is enriched with both practical and written examples," said Year 2 teacher Sophie Riley. "In the example photographed, the children had to make each line in the cross add up to 10, but they only had 15 cubes to use. According to one pupil, it was 'quite tricky.'" 

Maths lessons such as these enable the children to consolidate their learning through games and other practical resources such as dice and counters. They are then able to apply this new knowledge through problem solving challenges or activities which draws on this knowledge in a different situation.

"The children are encouraged to answer the 'why' questions and take their learning forward themselves," continues Ms Riley.

"In this way, the children can solve simple equations and problems and are able to prove their answers rather than simply saying that they think they are correct."