English: Book Week 2013


Book Week 2013 was the usual frisson of excitement, learning and fun!

At the beginning of the week, we were fortunate to be visited by two fantastic authors, Sam Osman and Rob Parkinson.


Then, throughout the week, there was a plethora of competitions going on with children colouring, solving puzzles, reciting ten-line poems off by heart and fervently searching for 'treasure'.


The week finished with some fantastic sights: not often does one see Bear Gryhlls walking beside Harry Potter, or Little Red Riding Hood eating lunch with the Big Bad Wolf! Even the staff took part with a wonderful Mad Hatter, The Snowman, and a murderous banana making an appearance.


Parents provided some fantastic costumes and the senior parade was judged by Count Dracula and Mother Goose, although they looked suspiciously similar to Mr Upton and Mr Entwisle!