English: Year 8’s Recipes for Success on EY Radio

Eastbourne Youth Radio

Eastbourne Youth Radio is a three-day radio station on 87.7 FM, run by the final-year students at Sussex Downs College as part of their Media Studies course.

Bede's Prep School take part each year by providing a one-hour show, live on air, with the help of two of their student producers.

Our new lunchtime slot seemed an ideal place to talk about food, so the theme of our radio show this year was cooking. We interviewed five local chefs and asked them about their careers and culinary experiences. They each gave us a favourite recipe to put on the website and chose music to cook by, which we played on air.

Restaurant 2Luca Albertoli, owner of Pomodoro and Mozzarella, the Italian restaurant in Cornfield Terrace, gave us a tasty pasta recipe. To see the recipe,  please click here.

Ronnie Pal, a former Bede's Prep pupil who runs the Ashoka Restaurant in Cornfield Road, suggested a delicious Indian dish (this recipe is at the bottom of the page).

Elsewhere, Gerald Roser, Head Chef of the Mirabelle Restaurant in the Grand Hotel, explained how to make Gravlax, Chris Bradley, Head Chef at the school, gave us a North African recipe and Emma Corbett, who teaches cookery at the Prep School, entertained us with an amusing account of her years as a chef.

The school's own pop group, Non-Fiction, then played Johnny be Goode live and Ollie Hutchinson played Take the A Train on the piano.

Over the course of the show, the team of Year 8 pupils, led by Jaz Wardle and Toby Sammarco, became able and fluent interviewers and enabled the live show to run at a good pace, with plenty style. Plus, we finished dead on time with our theme tune, Food Glorious Food!

Jeanette Adams

English and Drama Teacher

Restaurant 1

Recipe for Lamb Shank Patiala, care of Ashoka

Boil a lamb shank until the meat is tender.

Take a generous pinch of spices - cumin seeds, coriander powder, jeera (cumin) powder. Add chopped red chilli.

Mix with sunflower oil, fresh cream, butter and a splash of white vinegar.

Massage spices and marinade into shank, and leave for a night or a few hours.

Chop more fresh red and green chilli (depending on your tolerance) onion, tomato, ginger and add some salt.

Then fry some garlic,cloves and cumin seeds first in the pan until smoky/well done flavours released. 

Add your chopped ingredients, and gently cook until browned.

Take your shank and marinade and mix with all chopped ingredients in the pan.

Finally add a little more freshly diced tomatoes and 2 more spoons of fresh cream and let it all simmer until meat is falling off the bone.

Serve on a plate with fresh garnish of sprinkled coriander with a serving of aromatic steamed pilau rice.