Geography: Year 7 Trip to the Cuckmere River


Year 7 pupils from Bede's Preparatory School set out to follow the course of the River Cuckmere, from the source streams near Heathfield to the mouth at Cuckmere Haven.  

Where possible the pupils got very close to the river channel to observe and record changes along the long profile of the river in terms of width, depth and estimate of velocity.


The pupils theorised about why there was so little water in the tributaries in the upper course and wondered how the river was able to flow at all. By the time they reached the lower course they were surprised by, but were able to explain, the volume of water in the channel, and why it was flowing backwards (the tide was coming in).


Along their journey they stopped off and took in the exceptional views of the Cuckmere Valley from High and Over/Frog Firle Nature Reserve, where they could really see the results of some of the river process and human influences.


It was a long and tiring day, especially with the long, long walk down to the mouth at Cuckmere Haven, from the Seven Sisters Country Park car park, but the children were in good spirits, particularly when peering over the river cliffs on the long-since static meanders.

Mr Brewer

Head of Geography