MFL: Mixed Media and Modern Languages

MFL: Mixed Media and Modern Languages

During their recent classes, Year 7 have been creating a series of online portals and blogs, writing in French on the theme of media, including how they engage with TV, literature and the internet.

Their teacher, Ms Allirot, said of the students' work, "I asked them to write about the last topics we studied in class: TV, reading and the Internet, using the website Padlet. The first time we tried to use the site we did it as a whole group, but it looked a bit messy with work from 16 different pupils!"

As the children were able to share and read each other's work (which is visible here) the whole class learned a great deal from the experience and moved onto creating their own individual Padlet walls.

"To take the example of James Crummack," continues Ms Allirot, "he really excelled; he included different tenses in his writing and a selection of different media examples. Using his model answer for inspiration, his fellow pupils then went home and started to add pictures and videos as well as stretching themselves both grammatically and in terms of the vocabulary they were using."

These experiments with Padlet are part of a wider push in the Bede's Prep MFL department to expand the use of technology in language lessons - more news of which will be coming to soon.

To view James' virtual wall, please click here.