Bede's Prefects: Year 8 Soft Skills Seminar


Year 8 students at the Prep School shared and explored different areas to uncover the responsibilities, expectations and attributes needed to be a Senior School Prefect in Upper Sixth at the Senior School.


The Bede's Year 8 students were hosted by the Senior School Prefects' Leadership team along with Mr Entwisle, Miss Muxworthy and Mr Meier.

2There were a range of seminars including: Techniques to help you Prepare for a Successful Interview; Working as Part of an Effective Team; Thinking Outside the Box; and looking at the attributes and behaviours associated with being positive role models and future aspiring leaders.

The workshops and seminars took place on Friday afternoon and the Year 8 students embraced the tasks with enthusiasm and focus throughout the afternoon. There were a range of tasks that involved the students embracing a 'mindful approach' to the way that they are perceived and can be perceived by others.


This was further developed in the workshops where the students were divided into groups and ask to present the attributes they associated with being a positive role model and how this could be achieved as a Year 8 student at the helm of the Prep School.

8Innovation and teamwork were also explored and experienced in the 'Thinking out of the Box' activities with some excellent innovation and teamwork taking place in their dragon den's pitch.

Deputy Head Girl, Tracy Aryee-Quao, and her prefect team delivered a drama based scenario workshop exploring the ways the Year 8 students could utilise their experiences and empathy to support their peers in different aspects of their school lives.

During the evaluation of the afternoon, the Year 8 students identified a target they would like to achieve as a result of their experiences and wrote it down in a sealed envelope - the target related to one of the workshops.


They will receive the envelope in their final week on Leavers' Camp to see how successful their journey has been.