English: Year 7 Pupils Are Marketers of the Future!



Prep School English Pupils Create Advert for 'Sploosh' Peach Drink from Bede's on Vimeo.

In a recent scheme of work linked to persuasive writing and literary devices, Bede's Prep School pupils have been creating marketing campaigns in their English classes. In doing so, a barrage of creativity has been unleashed!


"Our studies have recently built up to an assessment on Packaging and Product Design,"
says Gail Brundle, Bede's Prep's Head of English and Drama.  "It's no secret that we have some very gifted children at Bede's, but with the work this Year 7 class has produced they have really outdone themselves."


Mssrs Collins, Crummack and Adams from the class of budding Marketeers.

During the scheme of work, the children were set the challenge of designing a product called 'Sploosh' - the peach flavoured beverage enjoyed by Stanley Yelnats, the protagonist of Louis Sachar's novel Holes which the children have also been studying.


A pun on the French word for 'quick' - 'depeche' and 'peach' - 'peche'

"We have been looking at denotation and connotation," Mrs Brundle explains, "as well as slogans, logos, celebrity endorsements and other advertising elements. The children then synthesised what they had learned into their own campaigns, the results of which are absolutely fantastic."


Another example of a pupil's product design.