Gifted and Talented: Year 6 Welcome Local Primary Pupils


On Tuesday 14 January, a group of our Gifted and Talented students in Year 6 were joined by children from eight local primary schools for a day of challenging and enthralling activities across a range of subjects.

Having been put into four mixed groups, the children embarked on tackling a variety of fascinating activities.

Mr Childers in the Science room packed full of snakes, spiders and lizards is always a popular venue and this was also the case today. He led the groups through a discussion about DNA and how to extract some from a banana!

After a short demonstration, the children were left to mush their bananas and then follow the instructions on how to extract the DNA.

Mr Upton set some incredibly interesting and demanding Mathematics challenges that had to be completed in small teams. I witnessed many visiting members of staff with a puzzled expression!

The Modern Foreign Languages team put the students through their paces, teaching expressions in Japanese, Norwegian, Russian and Latin. Two very popular activities were learning how to write your own name using Russian letters and a thrilling game of Japanese Killer Handshake!


Double, double, toil and trouble...

An introduction to Shakespeare and Macbeth was given by Mrs Brundle. This was quickly followed by a performance of a scene involving the three witches.

The children learnt how to create an atmosphere by making their own eerie, sound effects, dressed up in costumes and used torches dramatically in the darkness.

The day was incredibly engaging and enjoyable for all involved, and we are now already looking forward to the next Gifted and Talented day.

Fraser Allan

Head of Years 5 and 6