MFL: Edible Vocabulary in Year 7 Spanish Classes

MFL: Edible Vocabulary in Year 7 Spanish

In Mr Entwisle's Year 7 Spanish classes, pupils have been learning the Spanish names of particular ingredients while making Spanish omelettes. How about that for a Friday treat?

"As vocabularly learning can be a little dry at times," Mr Entwisle explains, "I thought I would spice things up. Plus, this way I'll know very quickly if the children haven't understood or translated the ingredients and recipe properly!"

This practical approach to 'learning through doing' is just one example of a huge number of ways in which lessons are brought to life at Bede's Prep School. Plus, making learning cross-curricular, with Food and Nutrition skills included in Spanish lessons, maximises the amount of information which can be assimilated across the course of an hour.

"I believe," continues Mr Entwisle, "that almost everyone learns more effectively if they do so in an active way rather than a passive one. With this in mind, all of the teachers at the Prep School are challenged to inject some real hands-on elements into lessons."

After the cooking and eating section of the lesson was finished, pupils were then assessed on what they had learned to ensure that the information has really sunk in.

"There's no doubt that learning in traditional 'chalk and talk' ways have their place," concludes Mr Entwisle, "but I want to try and make every one of my lessons - and the information contained within them - unforgettable."

"Of course, if learning can be tasty too then that's of yet more added benefit!"