Pre-Prep: One Small Step for Year 1...

Pre-Prep: One Small Step for Year 1...

This week has seen Year 1 learning all about Neil Armstrong, and the children's minds have been alive with facts about this amazing man, and papier maché moons now adorn the displays boards with flags being designed for next week's mission!

The childrens' writing for their fact files has been particularly impressive this week, inspired by the samples of astronaut food they enjoyed in lessons (although not all the children seem too keen on dining in a space restaurant!).

They are all so proud of their achievements and are buzzing with the news about a British astronaut, Tim Peake, who plans to travel to space next year.

One mum said this morning, "He was stood at the top of the stairs last night and said that he had written his heart out!"

It is such an important part our children's futures that they are aware of all that is happening in the world around them and beyond, and they should all feel pleased with themselves about what they have accomplished.

Di Writer

Year 1 Class Teacher