Reception: New Space Theme Prompts Imagination and Exploration


The Reception children have had an exciting week as their newly arrived spaceship was officially opened.

7They have explored the wide variety of learning opportunities and challenges within their spaceship either whilst becoming either an Astronaut or alien!

They have all worked together to begin to create a stimulating display involving a life size Astronaut and Alien.

Here they used mathematical skills to estimate and measure and developed their independent creativity through using a wide variety of media and materials.

We have also been thinking about winter and the children have made "Winter Weaving" boards, winter collages and descriptions of winter all totally independently.


Our new member of the class, Ivan the Alien, has enjoyed some very exciting sleepovers with Reception.

He has been skateboarding, to the beach and has met guinea pigs, to name but a few of his exciting trips!

8This term's new Space theme has certainly been a welcome topic for all of Reception. 

We have had so many Child Initiated activities as a result of this such as building the Moon with craters, messages in our secret den to Ivan, codes of entry/exit in the spaceship, using the letter mats to make Space words and much more!

Rachel Potter

Reception Class Teacher