Tennis: Bede's Prep Pupils Meet Tim Henman!

Tennis: Bede's Prep Pupils Meet Tim Henman!

The 40 best Tennis players at Bede's Prep School went to the Statoil Tennis Masters at the Albert Hall on Friday 6 December to watch some fantastic tennis and meet the ex-UK No. 1 'Tiger' Tim Henman!

"We watched some fantastic tennis from the past Masters such as John McEnroe, Mats Willander, Goran Ivenisevic and Tim Henman, amongst others," explained Bede's Prep's Head of Tennis, Jane Nash.

"In the break," continues Ms Nash, "seeing a large group of children in the crowd, Tim started trying to send balls up to our seats but admitted later that his aim was off for the day!"

Little did anyone know, but in a meet and greet session after play had finished but Mr Henman explained that he has many fond memories of the old Bede's Senior School boarding houses where he used to stay while competing for the national Age Group Championships.

Everyone at Bede's is extremely thankful to Mr Henman for coming and saying hello - it made an already thoroughly exciting day absolutely unforgettable.