Drama: Scholars' Monologue Evening 2014


How lucky am I to have timed my three-week placement at Bede's Prep School to coincide with the Year 8 Drama Scholars' Monologue Evening?

I had heard great things about the Drama department at the Prep, but what I witnessed on Tuesday night completely surpassed my expectations.

It was a privilege and a pleasure to watch such talented and confident children on stage. Having worked with much older and professional actors and actresses during my University Film & Television training, I wasn't expecting such a high degree of stagecraft.


It would be impossible to single out individuals for praise - all were mesmerising, magical and mature. It was clear that hours and hours of preparation had gone into their performances and this, along with their raw talent, should hold them in good stead for their scholarship exams.

They have my very best wishes for these and their future careers on the stage, or in front of the camera.

Daniel Redman   

Trainee Teacher