History: Year 3 Anglo Saxon Day


This term, Year 3 has been learning all about the Anglo Saxons, exploring who the Saxons were, where they came from and how they got their name, with their studies culminating in a day banqueting in full costume!

The children looked at how life changed after the Romans left Britain and where the Anglo Saxons settled; they studied how Saxons lived and researched what life was like for men, women and children, investigated artefacts, including those found at Sutton Hoo, and have learnt how archaeologists use what they find to make decisions about how people lived. 

In February, the children celebrated all they had learned, showing that they knew about Anglo Saxon clothing by coming to school dressed as a selection of fantastic peasants and warriors.


They spent the morning exploring Anglo Saxon poetry and learnt to write their own kennings (describing objects in a two-word phrase) and to write their name in runes.  

They enjoyed a delicious Anglo Saxon banquet, sitting at long tables lit by candles, bedecked with the most wonderful spread of typical food so cleverly researched and provided by our fabulous catering team. 

4The menu began with pease pottage and village bread, followed by a main course of roast ox, chicken drumsticks, hard boiled eggs and root vegetables.  They then finished with orchard fruits and cheese.  All the food was eaten from wooden bowls and platters, using wooden implements, and it was accompanied by several tots of mead (the non-alcoholic version of honey and apple juice!).

During the meal, pupils were entertained with a selection of riddles (a favourite form of mealtime entertainment of the Anglo Saxons).

The celebrations continued on Tuesday when all of Year 3 had the chance to make a clay drinking vessel and then to create their own Anglo Saxon dance, ably supported by students from Brighton University. 


Finally, after half-term, the children will get the opportunity to visit the locally organised 'Eastbourne Ancestors' at the Pavilion, where they will get a chance to see some Anglo Saxon costumes, explore more artefacts and even become 'bone detectives' to examine how Saxons lived! 

Once they are firmly steeped in the traditions of the Saxons, we will move onto learn how life changed with the invasion of the Vikings.

Cecy Kemp

Year 3 Form Teacher