Music: Year 3-7 Concert Reviews 2013


In recent weeks, every year group at Bede's Prep School has had the opportunity to perform in front of enraptured audiences.

With a diverse range of skill levels, each concert saw a staggering array of musical styles, instruments and levels of ability on show.


The Year 3 and 4 Concert saw a wide variety of instruments and styles of music (from classical piano to the James Bond theme tune on the guitar) with both year groups joining together at the end of the concert to sing Mary Had Some Marmelade and a three part arrangement of There's a Gnome Called Fred

There were a lot of children wanting to take part in the concert and Kirsten even played a piece after just one trumpet lesson!

Next came the Years 5 and 7 concert, which was a great event. We were amazed at how keen many of our pupils were to take part.  


There was an impressive range of performances, including voice, violin, piano, drums, clarinet and trumpet, and all pupils performed enthusiastically whether they had just started learning or had been playing for a while. 

The loudest part of the concert by far was the trumpet piece at the end.  The whole of Year Five played the trumpet together following a term's lessons with Mr Hollamby!


Finally, for the Year 6 concert a good number of musicians took to the stage and the concert programme contained 22 pieces. A couple of pupils performed on more than one instrument and Josh played the violin, piano and sang a solo!

The audience really enjoyed Kit's lively rendition of The Great Escape on the trombone and clapped along to the main theme. 

Another concert success containing everything from classical to rock, given by this versatile year group!

Colin Hughes

Head of Music