Pre-Prep: Marvellous Middle Trip to Hurstmonceux Science Centre


The Pre-Prep Marvellous Middle trip certainly had the 'wow factor' this half of term, with the breathtaking Planetarium from the Herstmonceux Science Centre coming to Bede's!

The children eagerly awaited their surprise inside the School Theatre. A very large black object that had 'arrived' and created many questions!

Having excitedly climbed in through the mysterious entrance, not knowing what was inside, the children fell silent. They sat quietly in the dark for a few minutes until they were asked to look up inside the dome.

Suddenly, as if from nowhere, stars and planets appeared to the total amazement of all of the children.

There were gasps all around, including from the staff; it was a truly magical sight.

They pupils explored an enormous range of experiences first hand, including day and night, constellations,  'visiting' various planets, lunar eclipses, seas and mountains.

This outstanding opportunity provided all the children with a fun, interactive presentation whereby they explored our Solar System.

The day left many young minds eagerly awaiting more fact-finding opportunities after half term!