Year 2: Jumping Off from the ‘Man on the Moon’


Year 2 have been using the text entitled 'Man on the Moon' as a jumping off point to improve their skills across the curriculum. 

In English they wrote postcards from the moon, learnt to use bullet points to make a list and wrote newspaper reports filled with descriptive words and imaginative vocabulary. 


The children were able to draw upon all of the information that they have learnt about space this term and decide for themselves elements of the book that were based on imagination and which were true. 

One member of the class pointed out that Bob would not actually be able to hoover on the moon as the objects would be floating due to gravity. Then, later on, we discussed the future of space travel and whether one day we would be seeing tourists visiting the moon. 


The children also developed their fine motor skills by designing Bob a new patterned jumper and improved their organization and presentation skills by creating an advertisement for another cleaner on the moon. 

Towards the end of the week the children were set the challenge to design and make out of Lego a new souvenir for Bob's souvenir stand. 

Throughout the challenge the children were using their thinking skills by using trial and error and adapting their designs and thoughts to make imaginative designs.


The week also saw the development of a collaborative class project to make a mural; the children painted onto a sheet to give a new experience and had to work together to make the finished product.

It is these skills that will be extremely helpful to the children as they get older so that they have the ability to tackle challenges in a logical, confident and collaborative manner.

Sophie Riley

Year 2 Teacher